Our Network

Local Enterprises

At Centauries, we have experience working with a host of companies across a variety of industries (banking, technology, real estates, consumer staples & consumer discretionary, healthcare, and many more). We create an outstanding synergy power from different disciplines, which supports our clients and builds long-term values. Our strategic connections in several business associations allow our company to connect the key resources more effectively.

Local Authorities

We have built strong relationships with the authoritative units of different levels in several provinces and cities. Our legal team has years of experience working with the Departments of Planning and Development to promote and proceed with the investment projects. As a result, we add values to our clients by identifying the investment opportunities and building local presence efficiently.

Global Business Partners

Our global connections enable us to effectively deploy financing, technology, and governance practices of high caliber. This is our unique value proposition in ensuring a competitive advantages for our clients and portfolio companies and facilitating the deals quickly.

Sectors of Focus:

Real estate

  • Land Fund Development
  • Housing Development Projects
  • Office & Apartment


  • Technology Transfer
  • Technology-Focused Venture Capital
  • Digital Transformation Advisory
  • Startup Incubator
Real Estate

Industrial Property

  • Industrial Land Fund Development
  • Industrial Zone Development Project
  • Warehousing & Factories
  • Financial Leasing
  • Supporting device and materials for companies in industrial zones

Renewable Energy

  • Solar Energy (Farm, Rooftop)
  • Wind Project (Onshore, Offshore)
  • Biomass, LNG, Hydro power